Building A More Visible Medical Imaging System


 Visible Medical Imaging While the exact verbiage may change, if you ask any PACS administrator about the challenges of providing better patient care, it is highly likely that you will hear something alluding to visibility.

One administrator, for instance, may decry the lack of a complete patient record in each system.   For administrators in these organizations, patient data may be scattered across multiple systems – making some data invisible or non-existent, dependent on the system they find themselves on.  Others may only achieve complete visibility when working on medical imaging systems that are all built by the same vendor.  And still others may not experience lack of visibility today, but fear their ability to regain their ability to see data in the event of any data disaster.

Each of the scenarios above, along with over 1,100 medical imaging system installations, has helped to shape the nearly two decades of research we conducted at McKesson in the development of McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™, our newly released enterprise medical imaging solution.

Independent of PACS, McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™ is built to archive and manage medial image data on behalf of the many systems with which it interoperates and reduce the complexity of integrations and interfaces across the enterprise.   And with a single point of distribution and EMR integration, data sharing throughout the enterprise represents just the beginning.

Our new enterprise medical imaging system will reduce escalating, image-management-related expenditures, including hardware and operating costs, by:

  • Centralizing management of image data and reducing the number of individual systems that need maintenance and disaster recovery plans
  • Necessitating only one investment in a single larger storage platform for all image data, rather than separate storage investments for each PACS
  • Separating image data management and PACS, which permits replacing the connected PACS without migrating data

Ultimately, with the evolution of healthcare collaboration as a critical element of quality patient care, McKesson Enterprise Image Repository will help health care organizations of all sizes and complexity manage the massive amount of specialized imaging applications that come from dealing with today’s imaging department.

If your organization has ever experienced challenges related to imaging workflow, collaboration or productivity, I encourage you to learn more about McKesson Enterprise Image Repository™ by scheduling a free demo and consultation.  Of course, I also encourage you to subscribe to Medical Imaging Talk, via RSS feed or email to stay up date on the latest imaging news and announcements from McKesson.  You may also follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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