Benefits of Digital Mammography Proven in New Study


Benefits of digital mammographyFor facilities considering the purchase of a digital mammography solution, a newly released study sheds some light on the benefits of digital mammography. A study published in Radiology and supported by grants from the Health Ministry of Spain shows that digital mammography can reduce the adverse effects of breast cancer screening programs.

The study compared the recall rate, detection rate, false-positive rate and rates of invasive procedures in two groups of women: a screen-film mammography group and a digital mammography group.

Study findings include:
• The overall recall rate was lower for the digital mammography group at 4.2%, compared with the screen-film group at 5.5%.
• The invasive test rate was lower for the digital mammography group at 1.3%, compared with the film-based group at 2.6%.
• No significant differences were found in the cancer detection rate between the groups.

Integrating Digital Mammography
Several of the benefits of digital mammography are clear from these survey results. But moving beyond the study, integrating digital mammography into an existing Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) can maximize results.

1. Dedicated mammography workstations can typically be expensive, less efficient and harder to use than an integrated workstation. By integrating digital mammography into an existing workflow, facilities can save money and maximize the workspace.

2. By using an existing PACS workstation, reporting radiologists do not need to learn an additional user interface or feature set. Adoption is therefore easier and faster.

3. Integrated solutions allow radiologists to obtain a single view of the patient and have access to all reports and critical information. For example, radiologists could instantly obtain prior chest CTs of a patient in order to work up a problematic lesion on mammography.

4. With true integration with the Radiology Information System (RIS), there is no need to search for paper requisitions or old reports that are typically required with third-party dedicated mammography workstations.

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