Case Study: Affordable Medical Imaging Helps Improve Patient Care At Davis Health System


 Patient Care As the U.S. economy improves – but continues to feel the financial impact of unemployment – hospitals are particularly challenged with both changes to health insurance coverage and the economic hardship of their constituents. Today, more than ever, affordable medical imaging that meets the business needs of the future has become a key driver in patient outcomes and return on investment.

No hospital knows this better than the Davis Health System in rural West Virginia, an area hit hard by the recession, and the focus of a recent McKesson case study we published.

Davis Health Systems is a forward-thinking organization that employs 16 radiologists and 11 cardiologists.  The organization offers services unique to its area, including cardiology imaging and digital mammography.

“A lot of rural communities don’t offer digital mammography,” explains Debra Thorpe, radiology manager at Davis Health System, “But we wanted a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that could do that and so much more.”

Although Davis Health System had invested in technology over the past 25 years, new medical imaging technology had advanced beyond their first-generation Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS.) Davis Health Systems needed a solution that would position them to meet ongoing business and patient needs.

In order to continue to offer the services that would ensure patient needs were put first, Davis Health Systems needed to implement medical imaging solutions that were just as forward thinking as the organization.  They found these solutions by working with McKesson.
What administrators discovered by working with McKesson is that our newer systems are smaller – and infinitely more capable of holding information than their predecessors.

In addition, our solutions are now helping staff physicians at Davis Health Systems to access reports and the images at the same time. Patients benefit because their images travel electronically wherever they go in the health system. This, in turn, helps the physician to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat the patient, minimizing time delays and costly redundancies.

I encourage you to read the full version of the case study we published on Davis Health System to learn more about the solutions we offer and how they can help your health care organization, regardless of your size or budget.

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