Expert Chat Sneak Peak With Cindy Bacon – Part II


Cindy Bacon – McKesson Enterprise Medical Imaging Expert

Cindy Bacon, McKesson senior sales executive, has spent her career focused in healthcare imaging. With multiple PACS solutions experience, project management and implementation, she shares her particular expertise in enterprise medical imaging in part two of her interview.

At HIMSS this year, you can register to discuss your specific challenges with Cindy during her “Expert Chat” session in Hall A at the McKesson booths, numbers 1365 and 1665.

What trends are you seeing in the emergence of zero-footprint viewers that work together with neutral archives?

Zero-footprint image viewers must be part of the overall enterprise healthcare IT strategy including the need to integrate with EHRs, common workflows and other IT applications. Healthcare providers must have the capacity to scale to meet growing demands for image availability, along with the features and functionality that will help enhance workflow and productivity while providing the required services to referring physicians

McKesson Enterprise Image™ Clinical Reference Viewer is a zero‐footprint, browser‐agnostic viewer that allows physicians to access reports and images from a variety of mobile devices. It provides a simplified and intuitive workflow available on a variety of desktops and mobile devices that will help reduce training, increase end‐user satisfaction and enable fast adoption by referring physicians.

What advantages do you feel PACS vendors playing in the VNA space have over traditional VNA vendors?

The idea of a VNA makes a lot of sense — it remains a very solid and very good thing to have. But the reality is that there is nothing neutral about the vendor you’re going to deal with as a health care organization. The term “VNA,” at its core, is a play on words. Most companies today are actually archive-neutral vendors, which is to say that they avoid proprietary aspects of their solutions, or if they do have something propriety, they still maintain the core essence of the data.

To be successful, vendors need to provide more than just a neutral archive; for instance, McKesson has a breadth of enterprise expertise including EHR, billing and financials, as well as cardiology, radiology and workflow capabilities. We recognize how to economize and be effective in the ‘ology departments while at the same time understanding how to use the technology to connect your entire enterprise. We are disproving the claim that PACS vendors can’t build a PACS neutral archive.

With that in mind, McKesson has developed its own VNA solution or enterprise image repository to include core VNA capabilities, as well as the ability to extend those capabilities using the XDS cross-enterprise document sharing standard.

In your opinion, what elements are core to a solid enterprise strategy in healthcare IT?

An enterprise imaging strategy must include a neutral repository that can accept data from throughout the enterprise. Since today’s definition of data has expanded to include all images and words used to see, observe, read and understand to make a patient diagnosis, the definition of enterprise has expanded, too, so all images and words need to be available to patients as well. Regardless of the PACS the organization uses, images can be stored and retrieved from the neutral repository because it was built to exchange data with disparate systems.

As well, workflow cannot be forgotten. Vendors need to introduce an enterprise repository solution that modifies the technology without breaking the workflow in the departments. As you broaden your enterprise footprint, your vendor must examine the nuts and bolts related to data. An example of this is an enterprise worklist that enables your front end UI to be as pervasive as your neutral archive in terms of accessing any and all records, regardless of where they originated. But even more than that, what logic and intelligence rests behind such a worklist to help achieve greater efficiencies in streamlining your workflows and best utilizing your human resources? Another example includes a zero-footprint mobile viewer that allows your caregivers to view patient records along that same wide accessibility spectrum only available with a neutral archive solution.

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