Aunt Minne Conference Preview: Q&A With Dr. Jay Patti, Mecklenberg Radiology Associates


Dr. Jay Patti, Mecklenberg Radiology Associates will be one of the presenters at the upcoming Aunt Minnie Online Conference.  To preview this exciting event, we reached out to him with some brief questions on effectively implementing PACS.

1. Regarding PACS, what challenges are unique to a high-volume private practice?

Generally speaking radiologists in a private practice are expected to handle a larger patient volume than those in other settings. Academic institutions tyically have residents and medical students where teaching and research are high priorities. This being said the lessons learned from a private practice are readily applicable to other settings.

2. What are three simple things most high-volume private practices can do to better use their PACS?

Have a good relationship with your PACS administrators. Recognize them as an integral part of the medical team rather than a “help desk”.

Get involved with the administration of your PACS. Take an active role in the purchasing and implementation decisions. The time spent by one or two radiologists will be returned to the whole group in the form of increased efficiency.

Analyse your own workflow for areas where you waste time. Try to automate those processes by altering your workflow.

3. Are certain PACS better suited to high-volume private practices than others?

Yes, however this is often due to the variety of cases that high volume practices see rather than the volume itself. If you have a nail and a piece of wood, a hammer gets the job done efficiently at a relatively low cost. If you are building a house, you need more than a hammer. In the end, trying to build the house with a hammer alone will cost you more and leave you with a result with which you will not be happy.

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