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New Medical Imaging Technology Developed To Overcome Multi-Facility Challenges

11:04 am

Medical Image of Hand“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.”
John Gall, The Systems Bible

Gall’s quote above can be very readily applied to meeting the needs of multi-facility hospitals and health care organizations, particularly, the needs of the medical imaging department. Some of the more common challenges with managing medical imaging across multiple facilities include:

  • Radiologist travel needs
  • Slow report turnaround times
  • Disparate systems containing incomplete patient information

And it was this last challenge in particular, coupled with over 1,100 medical imaging system installations, that helped to drive the development of the newest enterprise medical imaging solutions from McKesson.


Medical Imaging Software Improves Workflow Processes Dramatically

8:34 am

Medical Imaging Case Study In any busy hospital setting, workflow processes are critical to efficient communications and quality patient outcomes. State-of-the-art medical imaging software allows hospitals to manage diagnostic imaging across the enterprise. Parkland Health and Hospital System proved this premise when management decided to rebuild from the inside out as it began plans for a new facility.

This Dallas-based hospital employs approximately 60 radiologists, 62 residents and 19 fellows and is the University of Texas-Southwestern’s teaching hospital. As Parkland began its journey to enter the high-tech world of communications systems, they had five different picture and archiving communication systems (PACS). To say that their diagnostic imaging needed an upgrade would be an understatement.


Medical Imaging System Helps Camden-Clark Memorial Improve Patient Care

8:32 am

In 2002, West Virginia-based Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital realized that it needed to streamline the workflow and efficiency of its radiology department by implementing a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS).

Before choosing a medical imaging system, the 340-bed hospital used a film-based system, which required hours of time to read before actual reporting. Camden-Clark recognized that crucial time  – and money  – were being wasted.

Following an evaluation of practices, Camden-Clark chose McKesson’s Horizon Medical Imaging™ as its imaging solution. Once implemented, the hospital immediately suspended all use of film – except in rare cases – and exclusively adopted the new system.


Medical Imaging Technology at Baton Rouge General Reduces Report Turnaround Time to 3 Hours

8:46 am

Baton Rouge General Medical Center – particularly its radiology department – has a long history of staying on the forefront of the technology curve. It was the first in the US to operate a radiation therapy unit, the first in its region to offer endoscopic ultrasounds and the first in the state to offer portable digital radiology systems.

That long-standing history is what led it to adopt the next generation of medical imaging technology.

The medical center needed to leverage medical imaging technology that could enable fast, easy access to digital images across the enterprise. Plus, it needed a solution that would help it meet the meaningful use requirements associated with tapping into federal stimulus incentives.


Hospital Forms Regional Health Information Organization With the Help of a PACS

9:43 am

Networked healthcare organizationsDuBois Regional Medical Center (DRMC) in Pennsylvania abides by the “Five C’s” in all that it does:

1. Caring attitude

2. Confidentiality

3. Communication

4. Collaboration

5. Customer satisfaction

The last three C’s were the basis of the medical center’s work in establishing a Regional Health Information Organization, a health organization dedicated to improving the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare delivery as part of a National Health Information Network initiative.

The first step towards forming a Regional Health Information Organization was to implement a full Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and lay the groundwork for an enterprise-wide Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.


PACS Implementation Plan: A Little Marketing Goes A Long Way

10:44 am

When the Boca Raton Community Hospital (BRCH) decided to implement a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), the implementation team knew that getting the technology right was just one critical step to success. The team recognized that its PACS implementation plan must also include gaining the buy-in of all staff members.

So the team devised a healthcare marketing strategy to educate and engage both its radiology department and other hospital staff. As part of that strategy, the team created a video with an entertaining before-and-after look at the new PACS.