Inside Out: A New Perspective on the Radiology Suite

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Helping to Improve Radiology Patient CareSometimes, progress is as simple as viewing things from a different angle. For instance, when we consider radiology tests or procedures, we think of technologists and radiologists. What’s the best equipment for them, how can we make them more efficient, and how can we decrease the time they spend waiting for images?

But take that view and turn it 180 degrees to the patient, and everything changes. Success is no longer about departmental workflow; it’s about lowering the patient’s anxiety and frustration level to help improve radiology patient care.


Diagnostic Radiology: Call to Emphasize Value

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Diagnostic Radiology Value to Healthcare November 8 is International Radiology Day. On the one hand, I think it’s wonderful that there’s a day to recognize the value that diagnostic radiology brings to healthcare and the numerous ways it helps improve quality of care. On the other hand, I believe that radiologists should not sit back on this day thinking about a job well done. Instead, International Radiology Day can be used as a call to action, further emphasizing the value of the work that radiologists do day in and day out.


Pain Prevention: Strategies to Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries Amongst Radiologists – Part Two

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Prevent Repetitive Stress Injury in RadiologyWe’re discussing the challenges of RSI in a two-part interview with Dr. Jay W. Patti, a radiologist from Mecklenburg Radiology Associates in Charlotte, NC.

In Part One of this Q&A, Dr. Patti outlined some of the obstacles that radiologists face regarding their physical workplaces. Those challenges include rotating to different facilities so there’s a lack of ownership of a workstation, not wanting to seem “high maintenance,” and having different individuals with different ergonomic needs working at the same workstation. Now, back to the discussion:

Allan: That is a long list of obstacles. Is the situation solvable?


Pain Prevention: Strategies to Reduce Repetitive Stress Injuries Amongst Radiologists – Part One

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Prevent Repetitive Stress Injury in RadiologyThis blog is in the form of an interview with Dr. Jay W. Patti, a radiologist from Mecklenburg Radiology Associates in Charlotte, NC. The interview is on a topic of interest to both of us (and hopefully you out there in Internet-land): using ergonomics to reduce repetitive stress injury (RSI) amongst radiologists.

Allan: Why do you think radiologists are still struggling with workstation ergonomics? And is it still important?


October: A Month to Focus on Breast Cancer Screening

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Mammography Technology ConsiderationsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which aims to raise awareness about the importance of early detection. So it seems a good time to look at the latest technology advances in mammography, even as controversy continues to swirl over recommendations for mammogram frequency.

On the plus side, a team from the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy studied the effect of false-positive mammograms and found that although women’s short-term anxiety spiked after a false positive, that brief episode had no long-term effect on health.


Customer Spotlight: Van Buren County Hospital finds greater workflow efficiency, flexibility and support in McKesson’s solutions for radiology

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Healthcare IT at Van Buren County HospitalEditor’s Note: This article was originally published by Claudette Lew on Health IT Executive Forum and is republished here with permission.

Van Buren County Hospital serves as an anchor for nearly 8,000 residents, attending to all of their healthcare needs. To keep up with medical advancements as well as increasing federal healthcare regulations, healthcare facilities of all sizes are increasing investments in health IT to achieve more efficient operations, more coordinated care, better communication and ultimately, better patient health outcomes.


RSNA 2014 Sessions for Healthcare Leaders

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RSNA 2014 Preview

Healthcare leaders who face challenges such as developing strategies to counter reduced managed care payments and responding to new government regulations should periodically take time to step away from ongoing pressures. Taking a break, connecting with peers and learning from other organizations can provide not just a respite but valuable insight into tactics and possible solutions for health systems.

One opportunity for an educational break is RSNA 2014, which starts November 30 in Chicago. There are a number of informative sessions for healthcare leaders, including topics ranging from how to develop your radiology financial insight to strategies for attaining quality improvement in medical imaging.


Customer Spotlight: Gonzales Healthcare Systems modernizes patient care using improved connectivity and integrated communications from McKesson’s Imaging Solutions

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Medical Imaging at Gonzales Healthcare SystemsEditor’s Note: This article was originally published by Claudette Lew on Health IT Executive Forum and is republished here with permission.

Gonzales Healthcare Systems in Gonzales, Texas plays a vital role in the delivery of healthcare services to the surrounding communities and like larger, complex facilities, must strive to keep costs down while offering state-of-the-art medical technology. A 34-bed acute care hospital, Gonzales found McKesson’s medical imaging solutions flexible and scalable to suit a hospital of its size, helping Gonzales modernize the clinical care they offer to their patients.


6 Ways to Combine 3D Printing with Medical Imaging

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3D Printing and Medical Imaging InnovationsToys, shoes, dresses, musical instruments, fossil replicas, drones, cars and even houses are all amongst the many things being 3D printed today – there is even a specially designed 3D printer being sent to the International Space Station to be used to create replacement parts in zero-G.

The field of medicine is no exception to this revolution, and a lot of this is driven by medical imaging. In this post I’ve highlighted six ways medical imaging solutions and 3D printing are being used in combination now in the real world and also will be in the near future.


Selling Change: 3 Ways for Leaders to Obtain Physician Buy-In

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Obtain Physician Buy-InWhen it comes to organizational change, whether to value-based models of care, implementing Imaging 3.0 initiatives or following Meaningful Use Stage 2 objectives, CEOs and radiology leaders might feel as though the majority of their staff resists.

“What tends to happen when we get complicated, complex change, and we’ve got some moving parts, is that people don’t know … what their work is going to look like,” says Daniel Lock, a consultant about organizational change, in an online interview. “All this ambiguity and uncertainty causes people to resist and it’s one of the major reasons people resist.”