Workflow Isn’t Just for Radiology (Part 1): TAVR Workflow Management


Intelligent Imaging Workflow

In an earlier post, we discussed the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) 2016 approval for two TAVR devices for intermediate-risk aortic-stenosis patients.

These devices specifically target patients with at least a 3% STS-predicted risk of dying within 30 days of surgery. The FDA’s action followed the release, four months earlier, of intermediate-risk trial results that showed that TAVR was equal or superior to surgical aortic valve replacement (SAVR).

Physicians nominate patients for this procedure, but the patients must meet certain eligibility criteria. But in many health systems, the nomination process is manual and difficult to document. Additionally, a candidate could be nominated from either radiology or cardiology, and there is not always an easy way to manage the process across departments. An intelligent workflow orchestration solution that automates data collection and integrates the process into a physician’s daily workflow can be used to solve this problem.

Using our TAVR workflow in Conserus Workflow Intelligence™ offers a TAVR and MDT workflow that lets a physician nominate a TAVR candidate from either McKesson Radiology™ or McKesson Cardiology™.

Once nominated, a TAVR coordinator reviews the case and either accepts or declines it. If accepted, the workflow adds the candidate to a list for consideration by a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) and enables data collection of various measurements from previous studies. When the MDT meets to review candidates, the data is available for them to review and they either accept, decline, or request additional information. All the decisions are tracked in Conserus Workflow Intelligence so health systems can use the data to create reports.

As diagnostic imaging needs continue to cross departmental boundaries, interoperable workflow management solutions can be one of the ways to bridge communication gaps. For more information about our workflow management solutions, contact us or request a demo here.

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