Want to Improve Your Cardiology Practice? Try a CVIS


Improve Caridology workflow with a CVISWhy get a cardiovascular information system (CVIS)? Just ask Kerry Hamilton, Operations Manager of Heart and Vascular Care at Southern Regional Medical Center in Riverdale, Georgia.

“Our laborious process in electrocardiogram (ECG) management resulted in lost ECGs, missed revenue and report turnaround times that could take up to four days,” she writes in a recent Cath Lab Digest article. The source of the problem: paper.

Here is how she describes a paper-laden workflow:

A tech would perform a test, upload it into the management system and then the cardiologist would have to come to the department to read it. Our techs developed a work-around by printing out each ECG and putting it in a patient folder. The cardiologists would be seen carrying a huge stack of these patient folders around the hospital. After the cardiologists marked up the ECGs, they would be transcribed back into the system by my techs, and the cardiologist would then log into medical records to sign the transcribed reports.

She also notes that cardio patients in the Medical Center’s OR were also impacted by paper records and poor workflow. Before surgery could begin, somebody would have to find a cardiologist, have him or her read the ECG, and then fax the report to the OR.

Thankfully, Hamilton and her colleagues discovered McKesson’s Horizon Cardiology CVIS.

After a three-week implementation – one week shorter than scheduled – the benefits were obvious to all:

  • Cardiologists could read ECGs from anywhere in the Medical Center and even at home.
  • Physicians had access to the cardiologists’ reports from anywhere.
  • With one click, cardiologists could alert the Medical Center’s information system to generate a bill, contributing to a decrease in lost charges.  In fact, $500,000 was recovered in missed ECG charges this fiscal year alone.
  • Cardiology techs now spend around five percent – rather than 75 percent – of their time doing administrative tasks.
  • Greater workflow efficiencies conrtibuting to an increase in the number of ECGs performed.
  • Better patient satisfaction by minimizing lost ECG reports.

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