CVIS Upgrade Streamlines The Washington Hospital


When it comes to gaining an edge on the competition surrounding you, there are few better ways of doing so than by streamlining your operations and making everything work more efficiently.  In the medical field, finding ways to do that can be extremely challenging.  By automating some of the processes involved in your operations with a cardiovascular information solution (CVIS) you can do just this.  That’s exactly the change that The Washington Hospital in western Pennsylvania did.

Before the upgrade to the Horizon Cardiology CVIS solution, The Washington Hospital’s charge process was just like thousands of hospitals around the country.  It was an extremely tedious, labor-intensive and very paper-driven process that took place almost entirely within the department.  At the end of any kind of cardiology procedure a clinician would then have to step in to fill out a paper charge sheet, which was then transferred to a clerk who would type those charges into their radiology information system (RIS).  After these first two steps a chief technician would then be required to step in and review and adjust the procedure charges every day.  This process very clearly involved multiple staff members and hospital systems and took a great deal of time.  On top of all this, the switches and transfers made it extremely error-prone.  In short, it took too much time and threatened the quality of patient care by jeopardizing staff time.

Once the upgrade to Horizon Cardiology Charge Manager took place, the improvements were almost instant.  According to Kelly Neal, the director of cardiovascular services at The Washington Hospital:

“Since the module automatically captures charges directly from the procedural documentation, it significantly reduces the number of manual, paper-based steps required.”

Hours of staff time previously spent supporting the charge process were now saved on top of the fact that on average, it will save the radiology administrator on average of 197 hours a year simply on updating new codes in the RIS.  All total, The Washington Hospital things it will save over 985 hours a year as a result of increased efficiency in the charge process.

Learn more about how The Washington Hospital has streamlined their entire process by using Horizon Cardiology as it’s CVIS by downloading the full case study.

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