CVIS Upgrade Speeds Diagnosis & Improves Patient Care at OSF HealthCare System Hospitals


To say an enterprise is massive might be an understatement when it involves seven different hospitals and serves over 2.5 million patients.  So when OSF HealthCare System, owned and operated by The Sisters of the Third Order of St. Francis in Peoria, Illinois realized that fragmented methods of managing and viewing images was derailing their operation, an equally massive change was required.   OSF HealthCare System quickly realized that by implementing a cardiovascular information solution (CVIS), the issues that were holding them back would be a thing of the past and their patients would be the ones to benefit.

“Swimming in boxes,” is how Todd Holling, the manager of enterprise imaging systems and services at OSF HealthCare System put their original predicament.  The fact that they had a different method and way of processing their echocardiogram labs across the multiple facilities meant that boxes and boxes of VCR video tapes began piling up.  The only way to access any older echos was to sift and search through boxes.  Not surprisingly, comparison studies were almost never done.  On top of this, all of the reports from cardiologists were dictated meaning that there was a staggering inconsistency in the verbiage and structured reporting.  Turnaround times routinely jumped over 24 hours which then delayed patient care decisions.

Having already chosen the Horizon Medical Imaging Solution for the best in picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) from McKesson in 2006, OSF knew the quality and reliability of the products offered.  When OSF began searching for equally as amazing products for cardiovascular information management technology, it is no surprise they landed on McKesson’s Horizon Cardiology CVIS.

The upgrade showed immediate results and improvements.  After moving to McKesson’s CVIS, OSF HealthCare System has successfully eliminated 14 hours of transcription turnaround time, standardized all of their reports across every facility and increased their system up-time to a staggering 99.9%.  Within only two weeks of implementation, adoption by physicians had reached 80% and climbed to 95% within only one year.  Now, 99% of all cardiologists at OSF use it for echo structured reports.

Learn more about how OSF HealthCare System has drastically accelerated diagnosis and impressively improved their patient care by using Horizon Cardiology as it’s CVIS by downloading the full case study.

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