Apple’s Plunge into mHealth Market Bodes Well for Emerging Segment


Mobile Healthcare Applications Arena Continues to Grow with Apple Joining In from the Medical Imaging Talk Blog.Whether it’s consumer- or clinician-based, what’s critical to improving healthcare is data, and that data is going mobile.

The latest, and perhaps best, example of this is Apple’s HealthKit, a cloud-based platform that may catapult the company to the forefront of consumer mobile health (mHealth). The mobile healthcare application that Apple introduced alongside the platform is called Health, and it promises to monitor key health metrics and then pull together information from non-Apple apps to give consumers an inclusive view of their health.

Apple is not the only company vying for attention in the arena of mobile healthcare applications, of course. Those in the know are talking about a similar, competing service called Google Fit. But Apple has at least one heavy hitter on its side — Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic worked with the company to develop ways for providers to access the app and add patient information.

Debates over privacy and security will no doubt ensue, along with discussions about how much data is necessary to affect patient behavior. But there’s no debate over how quickly mHealth has become a key market segment.

In part, that’s because having data at their fingertips is just as useful to clinicians as it is to consumers. Physicians have long been pulled in multiple directions in the course of a day, and that’s still the case for most. Mobile access to patient data, such as the McKesson Cardiology™ ECG Mobile iPad app, lets cardiologists read and report on rest ECG procedures, helping them to increase productivity and (perhaps) lower their stress levels.

Provided they’re secure, both clinical and consumer mobile healthcare applications have the potential to augment the already strong movement toward better healthcare for all.

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