ACC.15 and Today’s Hot Topics in Cardiology


Physicians discussing cardiology trendsScientific breakthroughs, interactive learning, innovative technology – cardiology professionals around the world are traveling to ACC.15 to hear and see the latest advancements in cardiovascular health. The event, held March 14 to 16 in San Diego, will cover certain cardiology trends that are getting extra buzz. Here are a few of cardiology’s pressing topics and the related sessions on the agenda at ACC.15.

Buzzed About Topic # 1:  Integrated Imaging

Integrated imaging is one exciting trend being discussed in cardiology. The advances in integrated imaging capabilities allow clinicians to access patients’ current and historical cardiac images and information from a single point. Integrated images may result in faster, more comprehensive access to necessary patient data, helping to prevent the need for physicians to, for example, look for various patient results via paper ECGs and echocardiograms on tape.

A health center in San Angelo, Texas, is using integrated imaging to help improve patient care. Derek Clark, administrator at Shannon Clinic, has seen the benefits from working with McKesson CVIS. “You can pull up a (patient) name and see every cardio-related test without worrying that other tests were performed,” says Clark in a Medical Imaging Talk Blog post about structured reporting. “It provides one picture of the patient in one spot – regardless of who the physician is.”

Clark says that web-based integrated imaging gives cardiologists anytime, anyplace access, so they can work in a timely manner throughout the day rather than being inundated with reports at the end of their workday.

ACC.15 Session

  • Title: “Integrated Imaging of Heart Valve Disease: A Clinical Guide”
  • Session Number: session #697
  • Date: March 16
  • Itinerary: Presenters will discuss specific topics such as imaging the aortic root using echo versus CT and imaging the mitral valve, comparing echo and CMR.

Buzzed About Topic #2: Team Care

Strategies that help healthcare teams work together more effectively are another hot topic in cardiology today. Between value-based care initiatives, ACOs and shared accountability, healthcare team members need ways to communicate with each other and improve coordination throughout the continuum of care.

A TAVR patient is a good example of a patient whose team requires streamlined communication and teamwork. From the time the team pinpoints that open heart surgery is too risky through post-surgical care and rehabilitation, keeping the team informed is crucial.

ACC.15 Session

  • Title: “The Heart Team Approach to Identifying the TAVR Patient”
  • Session Number: 2641
  • Date: March 16
  • Itinerary: Presenters will discuss invasive and non-invasive pitfalls, preparing the patient, a virtual heart team meeting and other related topics.

Buzzed About Topic # 3: Pressure to Be More Efficient

Another hot topic at ACC.15 may be the pressure physicians are under to work more efficiently. “There’s a continual push to expect more with less,” says Matthew Bramlet, M.D., a pediatric cardiologist and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Illinois, College of Medicine at Peoria in a recent Medical Imaging Talk Blog post. “It’s a difficult topic – with all of [today’s] crossing t’s and dotting i’s.”

A new trend in cardiology solutions is facilitating improvements to workflow. Today’s workflows allow for automated alerts to be sent regarding critical results and automated interpretation variability studies to be sent to cardiology team members, for example.

In an interview with MedPage, Ralph Brindis, M.D., discussed the value of interoperability with EMRs and other ways cardiologists can utilize tools to streamline their work.

“We would have unique patient identifiers to be able to follow patient care expeditiously both in a longitudinal manner and between health systems so we could efficiently perform Post Market Surveillance along with assessing treatment strategies as to clinical outcomes,” said Brindis. “Many of these strategies would help minimize waste and ‘unproductive’ care delivery in our system.”

ACC.15 Session

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