5 Effective Mobile Apps for Cardiologists on the Go


Cardiology mobile applicationsMobile applications for physicians are quickly becoming the new normal, yet the major mobile application stores are flooded with resource options. Mobile cardiology apps can help provide clear patient communication and ease-of-use benefits for physicians on the go, but how can you choose which ones to use?

Christina Thielst notes that physicians are getting busier, so it’s vital to have the right communications readily available.

“Patients need relevant and effective communications at the right time, via the right mode and in a language they can understand and act upon,” Thielst said. “As much as it might be nice to return to the days of Marcus Welby, MD, and his calm face-to-face conversations, that isn’t likely to happen.”

After searching the various app markets, we’ve compiled a list of five effective mobile apps for cardiologists who call the road their offices.

1. drawMD CardiologyTM

Developed by Visible Health, Inc., this application provides cardiologists with a simple tool to sketch images from cardiac imagery. The sketches help explain conditions to patients (such as atherosclerosis or cerebral aneurysms), and physicians can also email the sketches to patients after development.

  • Review Score: 4.5 stars, 157 total ratings
  • Price: No Fee
  • Download: iTunes

2. CardioSmart Explorer

Members of the American College of Cardiology can use this app to review and discuss cardiac issues with other subscribers. Using the app’s high-resolution cardiac graphics and animations, physicians can build their knowledge of common heart problems and share that insight with patients.

This app, available at no fee, is only available to physicians with an American College of Cardiology subscription. Login is required once the app is first launched. CardioSmart does offer a paid, non-member version as an evaluation, but notes that it should not be used for clinical purposes.

  • Review Score: 4 stars, 7 total ratings
  • Price: No Fee
  • Download: iTunes

3. ACS Trials

Cardiologists looking to brush up on their knowledge of Acute Coronary Syndromes (ACS) can consult the ACS Trials app for MD-written summaries of over 60 seminal trials of ACS. Studies listed within the app range from background/historical analyses to more recent methods of medical therapies.

The app also includes free ACS, stress-testing, and arrhythmia medical calculators for anyone who treats cardiac patients.

  • Review Score: 5 stars, 61 total ratings
  • Price: $2.99
  • Download: iTunes

4. Medscape

The oft-cited online resource for peer-reviewed medical journals, ongoing education and daily medical news has managed to consolidate its wealth of information into an easily-navigable app. Users can also utilize the app drug reference tool to quickly look up medication and dosage recommendations.

Login-is required when first opening the app, but users can sign-up for a free account on the Medscape website.

  • Review Score (iTunes): 4.5 stars, 20,636 total ratings
  • Review Score (Google Play): 4.25 stars, 35,959 total ratings
  • Price: No Fee
  • Download: iTunes | Google Play

5.McKesson ECG Mobile

McKesson’s own ECG Mobile app provides cardiologists with a full-featured reporting platform for interpreting 12-lead resting ECG. More than just an ECG viewing application, the app allows physicians to remotely access ECGs stored on McKesson Cardiology ECG Management, report on batch procedures, and add/edit diagnosis statements.

The intuitive user interface of the ECG Mobile app allows for rapid adoption. With the ability to quickly review the waveforms and interpretation as would be done on a print out, the physician can simply swipe the confirmation bar to finalize the report and have it sent to the EMR and referring physician.

In addition to these features, the McKesson ECG Mobile app allows physicians to:

  • Swipe to compare the current and historical ECG exams including waveforms and interpretation
  • Sharing functionality via mobile notification, email, and text Data encryption and other security features
  • Digital calipers for measurement and scrolling to allow morphological comparison
  • Badge indicator on icon shows number of tests in a user’s reading list

On iPads with Apple iOS 7 or later, the app allows physicians to collaborate with colleagues and share results by notification, email or fax.

  • Price: No Fee
  • Download: iTunes

Combined with a modern database for cardiology imaging and data, these applications can provide vital patient information anytime, anywhere.

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