Sneak Peek at Advancements in Diagnostic Imaging: Past Milestones to Future Possibilities

Innovations in diagnostic imaging“Innovation is the key to our future.” This is the theme at this year’s RSNA annual meeting, and it’s also the inspiration for a recent McKesson eBook, Advancements in Diagnostic Imaging: Past Milestones to Future Possibilities.

In the eBook, the best and brightest in radiology offer their insights on subjects like the following:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Application integration
  • Image & data management
  • Structured reporting
  • Workflow efficiency

Here are just a few samples of the rich insights and perspectives represented in the eBook.


Q&A: RSNA and the Future of Diagnostic Imaging

Woman sits in front of a computer showing the future of Diagnostic ImagingInnovation is at the heart of excellence in patient care, and radiology helps drive new breakthroughs. To help us look to the future of diagnostic imaging and prepare for this year’s RSNA annual meeting, we’ve asked two of our innovative leaders, Erkan Akyuz and Tomer Levy, to share their insights on industry trends and the evolution of medical imaging and patient care.

Q&A with Erkan Akyuz, President of McKesson Imaging and Workflow Solutions (IWS), and Tomer Levy, senior member of McKesson’s IWS executive team and General Manager of Workflow and Infrastructure: 

Q: What are you most looking forward to at RSNA this year?


Looking to RSNA 2015: Radiology’s Journey to Value

Editor’s Note: This article by Tomer Levy recently ran on the Diagnostic Imaging website and is reprinted here with permission. 

Looking to RSNA 2015: Radiology’s Journey to Value

Tomer Levy, McKesson General Manager of Workflow and InfrastructureTomer Levy, senior member of McKesson’s Imaging & Workflow executive team and General Manager, Workflow and Infrastructure

As the industry prepares for RSNA15, everyone is looking ahead to what the next 100 years holds for imaging, specifically our commitment to the transition to value-based care (VBC). This evolution is very much alive today, and many imaging professionals and health care leaders are at an interesting point in the journey, which is a topic that will certainly be a central focus at the show.


The Future of Diagnostic Imaging: Radiology Roundup

The Future of Diagnostic ImagingAs we look forward to this year’s RSNA Annual meeting, we’re eager to learn how the radiology industry might evolve over the next 100 years.

To help radiologists demonstrate value, deal with the inevitability of machine-diagnosis, and move into healthcare leadership positions, we’ve rolled up the following 10 articles that are packed with expert vision on the future of diagnostic imaging.

We’ll start with an article featuring the RSNA President himself, Dr. Ronald Arenson, who poses a distinct challenge to radiologists.

#1 RSNA 2015 Opens with Spotlight on Technology


The First 3 Steps to Take When Your Medical Imaging Data is Breached

Data breaches affect medical imaging filesData breaches are becoming a far-too-common occurrence in the healthcare world, causing significant financial and legal headaches for providers. A recent Accenture study noted healthcare cyberattacks will cost $305 billion in lifetime revenue, and more than 25 million patients will have their data stolen from provider records by 2019.

Breaches are a persistent thorn in the sides of healthcare executives, but they should also encourage providers to frequently assess their medical imaging data contingency plans.