Medical Imaging Roundup: 5 Articles on Trends in Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging TrendsAt 116 years of age, Emma Morano is the oldest woman alive. She is, to the extent of our knowledge, the last living person born in the 1800’s.

There have been huge advances in technology between 1899, when Emma was born, and today. But one fundamental difference between her childhood world and ours is especially thought-provoking. In 1899, there was no data in the air.

No WiFi. No cell phones. No television. Not even radio waves. There was data running through phone lines and telegraph wires, to be sure — but none surrounding infant Emma’s crib.


60 Seconds with Todd Johnson: Clinical Intelligence in Radiology

Todd Johnson Executive Director of Radiology Product Development at McKessonPACS is a well-established commodity and in order for it to continue to advance and serve the imaging community, there is a need for vendors who are willing to push its traditional boundaries. With more than twenty years industry experience in strategy, product management and engineering, Todd Johnson, Executive Director of Radiology Product Development at McKesson, has a distinct view on the potential and the possibility of what’s next.


Data Security Integral to McKesson Solutions

Healthcare data securityBreach of patient records or ransomware attacks are a critical issue, and one that more organizations are paying attention to. According to new research from the Ponemon Institute, 89% of healthcare organizations and 60% of business associates have experienced a data breach in the past two years. The pace of breaches has not slowed and costs healthcare providers $6.2 billion each year. Criminal attacks are responsible for up to half of all healthcare data breaches, with the others being attributed to unintentional employee actions, third-party mistakes and stolen computer devices.

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UMass Interventional Radiologists Work To Fill Gap In Peer Review Process

Interventional radiologists working to standardize peer review processEditor’s Note: This article by Caitlin Wilson was recently published in Radiology Business Journal and is reprinted here with permission.

Peer review is a method doctors and health researchers use to hold the work of their whole industries accountable, including within the field of diagnostic radiology. But most interventional radiology practices don’t have similar standardized processes with which to verify work among radiologists.

In that absence, the interventional radiology department at UMass Memorial Medical Center was looking for a way to mimic its existing monthly morbidity and mortality meetings more frequently and formally.


The Good News About Radiology Workflow Challenges

Conserus Workflow Intelligence improving radiology workflowBetween increased emphasis on quality and the need for operational efficiency, the daily radiology workflow can be a challenge. That challenge is amplified when radiologists don’t have the right tools for the job. Simply put, there are too many clicks and too much paperwork. It should be easier. The good news is today, there are tools to help radiologists manage and automate their workflow. These tools automate workflows, allowing imaging professionals to maximize quality while maintaining efficiency.